— Arqium


Our architecture is based on enhancing spaces, creating ample environments in accordance with the reality in which we find ourselves.


Our constructive phylosophy characterizes by a classical inscpiration and contemporary reading. We built open and modern spaces according to the aim of the future dweller.

The Mediterranean is the inspiration for our works, the courtyards, the palm trees, the arches, in short, our culture.


In addition, we also design urban, fluid and organic spaces in harmony with architecture and the environment.

Respecting and improving the environment is important to maximize the use of the space, therefore, gardens represent one of the basic pieces of our architecture.


To carry out such an important business, both the design and the subsequent construction of a house, demands a multitud of agents.


Arqium manages the experience and necessary networking to arrange every procedure, acting as mediators between our clients, Public Administrations and third parties.